About us

Kika Design and Communications Ltd. is established in 2017 as a family business company inspired by the desire of bringing cosiness, love and joy in peoplesʼ hearts. With the efforts of young and grown family members and a lot of friends – layers, graphic and web designers, marketing experts, traders and many other adherents, the idea for making a brand new kind of 3D cards has grown into a bigger business project.

It was so inspirational that the launching of the company and the brand Kika D&C got over the country borders and incorporated the professional experience of specialists from different places on the Earth – Bulgaria, Germany, England, Italy, Austria, city of Orlando, Florida, U.S.A and many others.

It is now so inspirational that we devoted our passion to find and cooperate with the best quality suppliers from all over the world in order to design our brand new heart touching 3D cards with exceptional luxury and detailed perfectionism.
You just have to know that our 3D cards are not a greeting cards to write a wish, but a gift of emotion!!! And we hold the passion to design them for you!